Kinder & Nutella Brownies


Kinder & Nutella Brownies are a rich and fudgey treat. Swirled with generous amounts of Nutella and topped with a Kinder chocolate bar in each slice. They’re perfect as they are, or warmed up and served with ice cream for a gooey dessert.

All our bakes are made fresh to order in small batches, using high-quality ingredients. They’re then wrapped in our greaseproof paper, packaged up and sent out to you in letterbox friendly boxes – meaning you don’t need to be in to receive them. 

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  • Each box contains 6 slices
  • The price is inclusive of Postage & Packaging
  • Once opened, these bakes will keep for 7+ days in an airtight container.
  • These bakes can also be frozen, and defrosted to enjoy whenever you want them
  • All our packaging is fully biodegradable/recyclable

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Kinder & Nutella Brownies contain: Egg, Milk, Nuts (Hazelnuts), Soya, Wheat, May also contain traces of other nuts and peanuts


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