At Little Bee Bakes there’s a whole range of brownies, blondies, cookies and selection boxes which can be bought anytime of the month. Along with that there’s subscription boxes which leave the kitchen at certain times throughout the year, and the treatbox too.

On this page you’ll find out the new things in store, along with the dates to order certain products by. Meaning there’s no reason to miss out on your favourite letterbox bakes.

July’s Brownie Subscription Box

July’s brownie subscription box made it’s way out of the kitchen last week – if you missed out you have the chance to buy it again from now until 24th July. The bakes included oreo brownies and custard cream blondies. You can choose to buy the mixed box, or choose just the brownies or just the blondies. If I were you I’d go for the mixed box – they’re both too good to miss out on!

Lemon Meringue Blondies

Lemon meringue blondies

These lemon meringue blondies went down so well in June’s brownie subscription box, so they’re up to buy on the website for a limited time only. From now until 8th August you’ll be able to grab yourself a box of these sweet and zesty blondies.

Limited Time Only – July’s Cake Subscription Box

July’s cake subscription box went down a treat, and you can now buy it again up until 17th July. Choose to receive the mixed selection box, or grab yourself a box of Jaffa cake brownies or Lemon & White Chocolate Cookies. Once they’re gone, they won’t be up in the shop so don’t miss out if you’d love some!

Brownie Subscription Boxes

The brownie subscription boxes contain rich and indulgent blondies and brownies each and every month. They head out of the kitchen on the second Tuesday of each month and then the week after the box is released again if you missed out.

If you missed out on July’s brownie subscription box, check back on the 17th July for the chance to buy it again.

Order by 8th August to receive August’s brownie subscription box

Cake Subscription Boxes

The cake subscription boxes are a mixed box of bakes each month, they’re perfect if you want letterbox bakes through your door each month. The boxes head out of the kitchen on the 1st Monday of each month, and are re-released a week later in case you missed out.

Order by 1st August to receive the next cake subscription box.

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