Christmas Bakes

Christmas is my favourite time of year to bake up all the treats. Boxes of bakes make the perfect Christmas gift to send through the post, or for you to share with friends and family. This year, there’s a whole new range of Christmas bakes which will be available from the 2nd December. From traditional Christmas boxes, to mixed selections, Christmas blondies, brownies and cookies and slices of cake – there’s a box for everyone.

The boxes are available to pre-order now. A limited amount of stock has been added to the website, and an addition release will happen on 29th November at 7pm. Meaning if the box you want is out of stock, there will be an additional chance to order it at the end of November.

The whole range are available throughout December, so you can treat yourself to them throughout the month, or order as gifts for Christmas.

You can find the whole Christmas range here. Or click the links on the photos below to take you to the product page. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a box as a gift?
Yes, of course – boxes of bakes make the perfect Christmas gift with a difference. Whether it’s for a family to share, that awkward person you can’t think of what to get, or a little extra gift to make someone smile. They’re a real unique gift and hopefully one people will remember for a while.

Can I receive them for Christmas Day?
The latest boxes will be sent out on the 19th December, and as all bakes have a shelf life of 7+ days, boxes sent on this date can be given on Christmas Day. I will always say though, that bakes are best the freshest they are – and as everyone has so much to eat on Christmas Day anyway, there’s no harm in giving them as an early Christmas gift.

What if the box I want is out of stock closer to Christmas?
All boxes of bakes are freezable, so if the box you would like isn’t available on your chosen despatch date – you can pop them in the freezer and take them out when you need. The greaseproof paper the bakes come in is freezable, so just take them out of the cardboard box and pop them in the freezer.