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A look inside September’s Brownie Subscription Box

September’s brownie subscription boxes headed out last week, packed with indulgent bakes. I always love hearing people’s reactions to their boxes, and this one went down so well. A lot of people absolutely loved the blondies, but the brownies were the most popular – so much so they are being added to the shop as […]

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A look inside August’s Brownie Subscription Box

August’s brownie subscription boxes left the kitchen this week, and they were packed with chocoatey treats. I absolutely love creating new flavours of blondies and brownies each month for the brownie subscription boxes, and taste testing is always a perk of the job! Each month’s box contains 3 slices of brownie and 3 slices of […]

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A look inside July’s brownie subscription box

July’s brownie subscription box headed out last week, and they were a real biscuit-y treat. Want a way to promote your tea and biscuit break? Add the biscuits onto blondies and brownies to make the ultimate treat. I think this is one of my favourite boxes to date, and it went do so well. Oreo […]

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A look inside June’s brownie subscription box

June’s brownie subscription boxes made their way out of the kitchen last week. For this month’s box I settled on a couple of summery flavours… so sod’s law the weather was awful as I sent the boxes out! I hope they brought a little bit of sunshine flavour to the rainy weather we had. I’m […]

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A look inside May’s brownie subscription box..

May’s brownie subscription boxes made their way out of the kitchen last week to doorsteps all across the country. The boxes are slowly growing each month and I’m loving that people are getting to try new and indulgent brownies and blondies each month. This was one of my favourite boxes by far, and I reckon […]

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