A look inside February’s Subscriptions

It’s been a busy few weeks in the kitchen, with lots of regular orders, treatboxes and subscription boxes heading out of the door.

All 230 cake subscription boxes were baked up fresh and sent at the very beginning of the month, with the brownie subscriptions following the week after. There were some firm favourites among the bakes in the boxes, you can find out what was included in each box.

February’s Cake Subscription Box

Each month’s cake subscription box includes three different types of bakes. Ranging from soft, buttery cookies, to sweet and sticky flapjacks, blondies, brownies and slices of cake. This month’s box included rich and fudgey brownies, sweet and sticky blondies and slices of sponge cake.

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate orange brownies were first created for the cake subscription boxes a few years ago. They went down so well that they were kept as a permanent feature – and are one of the most ordered bakes on the website. They’re a rich and fudgey chocolate brownie, flavoured with real orange extract and topped with a slice of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is one of the classic sponges that I know lots of people love. A cake with buttercream on top is always a winner in my eyes, and making up huge batches of coffee buttercream made the bakery smell incredible. The sponge was flavoured with coffee and topped with a good layer of buttercream.

Jam ‘n’ Cream Blondies

Jam ‘n’ Cream blondies were by far the most popular bake in this month’s cake subscription boxes. Sweet and fudgey white chocolate blondies, swirled with raspberry jam and topped with a Jam sandwich cream. They’re like a luxury Jammie Dodger blondie, a real sweet treat and very moreish! I’m not usually a fan of blondies, but these ones won me over.

February’s Brownie Subscription Box

The brownie subscription boxes are a real luxury treat each month, with 3 blondies and 3 brownies in each box. Every month brings a new flavour of blondie and brownie, so you’ll get to try lots of chocoate-y treats. This month’s box was no exception, with a rich and fudgey chocolate brownie, and a soft and sweet white chocolate blondie.

Rolo Brownies

Rolos work so well in bakes, as they cook they go extra gooey and create little pockets of caramel in the slices. These chocolate brownies were extra rich and fudgey, with rolos baked into them to create a chocolate and caramel treat.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Blondies

Raspberry and white chocolate are one of my ultimate favourite combinations, there’s something about the tanginess of raspberries that works so well with the sweetness of the chocolate. These fudgey white chocolate blondies were swirled with raspberry coulis and topped with extra chunks of Belgian white chocolate.

Which box is for me?

I often get asked which box I’d recommend, the cake subscription or the brownie subscription. The answer is it really depends on your tastes. The cake subscriptions are a lot more varied, with flapjacks, cookies, cake slices and more being included alongside brownies and blondies. This means they’re great for those who love a whole mixture of bakes, and don’t mind getting different bakes each month. If you know that you’re all about the blondies and brownies, then the brownie subscription is best for you as you know which bakes you’re getting each month. And there’s really no reason you couldn’t order both!

March’s subscription boxes

March is fast approaching and the next boxes will soon be getting baked and packed up. The cake subscriptions will be despatched the week commencing 2nd March, with the brownie subscriptions sent on the 10th March.

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