A look inside May’s cake subscription box..

May saw a milestone reached for the cake subscription boxes, with over 100 leaving the kitchen. In the last couple of months sales have kept on creeping up and I feel so proud to have reached over 100. I absolutely loved spending my bank holiday weekend prepping and baking them all up, and putting the final bit of parcel tape onto the last one. I’m not going to pretend I enjoy packing them all up, but the sense of achievement once they’re done is just the best!

All three of the types of bakes in May’s box were exclusive to the subscriptions, with none of them being able to be purchased elsewhere on the website. I really hope everyone enjoyed their treats. If you want to know what was wrapped up in all the packets then read on..

Triple Chocolate Flapjacks

Flapjacks are one of those bakes that not a lot of people think of to buy for themselves, often going for the more indulgent brownies or blondies. But I think there’s something so comforting about a good flapjack. These sweet and buttery slices have been topped with milk, white and dark Belgian chocolate chips to make them a chocolatey treat. I absolutely love them, and they kept me going through a long weekend of baking. I’ve had lots of lovely feedback on them from customers too.

Milk Chocolate & Salted Caramel Cookies

I first baked these up for the subscription boxes and know that they are a firm favourite with a lot of people. They don’t really take much explaining, is there a much better combination than milk chocolate and homemade caramel sauce? My signature cookie mix which is soft, chewy and butter is topped with a teaspoon of the caramel; as they bake the caramel spreads out, coating the top of the cookie.

Gingerbread Blondies

These blondies were first baked up for the subscription boxes back in December. For that reason I always associate them with Christmas and as soon as the smell hit me it felt a little bit weird! I know they’re a real treat though and go down so well. They’re a rich and fudgey blondie, flavoured with ground ginger and topped with crunchy biscoff biscuits.

If you’re gutted you missed out on this month’s box..

You have the chance to buy May’s cake subscription box now knowing what’s inside. The boxes will be up on the website until Wednesday 15th May and all the boxes will be baked fresh and posted out on Thursday 16th May. You can find the link to purchase here

A little bit more about the cake subscription boxes

Each month’s cake subscription box contains 3 different varieties of bake, with 2 slices of each. The boxes cost just Β£10 a month and are baked fresh and packaged in a box designed to fit through your letterbox. The bakes range from flapjacks to cookies, blondies to brownies and special bakes in-between. They really do make the best gift for any occasion or are the perfect monthly treat for yourself.

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