A Spring Clean at Little Bee Bakes!

The past 6 months has been an absolutely whirlwind for me and this little business. I’m now in a season where I’m reaping all I’ve sewn and the hard work and dedication I’ve put into it all is beginning to pay off.

I cannot begin to tell you how grateful and thankful I am. For all the new followers and customers I’ve gained, to the likes and shares on social media. To the everyday orders that just keep coming in and the continued love and growth of the subscription boxes.

After a couple of days off last week I’m feeling so much more refreshed (not to mention looking forward to more days off over Easter, after a very busy couple of days). With orders done for the week I’ve been spending some time making a couple of changes – having a spring clean of the website, if you like. Here’s what’s new, what’s changed and what’s coming up.

Cookie Selection Box

The Cookie Selection Box has had it’s moments of being so popular. It’s a really popular one for a gift idea, and I know that a lot of people love it. However, all good things must come to an end.. I am phasing these out, for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I am doing away with the 12 piece boxes, as they aren’t as consistently posted through letterboxes and this doesn’t fit with my letterbox packaging. Secondly is because actually the cookie selections take that little bit more time and when I’m snowed under they are one of those orders that makes me do a bit of a groan (we all have them!).

So, with 9 cardboard boxes left in that size – I have updated the stock count on these. If you’d like one then make sure you get one because once the boxes are gone – they’re gone.

    Selection Boxes

    Which brings me nicely onto my next bit about selection boxes. I have learnt in the past couple of months that people love a selection box. Currently I can’t offer a pick your own selection box all the time, because it’s not possible to bake up just 2 slices of each bake for a bespoke selection box. It’s kind of like asking the bakery for a third of a loaf of bread and hoping they can sell the rest..

    I do currently offer up leftover bakes on my social media, but I know that a lot of the time people miss out on them. So I have created a product on the website just for this – the Surprise Selection Box. This will mean you can order a selection box anytime you like, and it’ll arrive within a couple of days. The bakes may include ones on the website, or specials that I’m baking up for wholesale orders. There will always be at least 2 varieties in each box for you to enjoy.

    Jammie Dodger Blondies are back

    These have hands down been one of the most popular bakes that I’ve ever put up. I was saving them for special occasions, but have had so many requests for them over the past couple of weeks. So I thought, why deprive you. They are up on the website as a permanent fixture, buy them any time you like.

    If you’ve tasted them – I’m not sure you need much explaining. But for those of you who don’t, they’re a white chocolate blondie – fudgey and gooey. Swirled with strawberry jam and topped with a whole full size Jammie Dodger. They’re super sweet, so moreish and the Jammie Dodger just takes it up a level.

    Cake Subscription Box Date Change

    With the cake subscriptions going from strength to strength, as well as a huge increase in regular orders – I’m changing things up just a little. In order to keep on top of the amount of boxes that go out each month, I’m changing the date of the cake subscription despatch to be the 1st Monday of each month (or Tuesday if the Monday falls on a bank holiday).

    I’ve been a little bit blown away by the amount of orders that have come my way. The gift subscriptions keep on coming in and with a healthy number of regular subscribers each month I’m baking up so many. I’m so thankful for this, and with a little change of date it means I can dedicated a weekend each month to getting them all baked, prepped and out of the door. As well as being able to bake up all the rest of the goodies throughout the week.

    So there you have it..

    A bit of a Spring Clean from me. Old things phased out, new things added up and with even more on the horizon. I know I say it all the time but I’m so thankful for all your custom. It really means so much to me, and I love baking up so many treats for you all. The Seasonal specials page is looking a bit bare at the minute, but I’ve got some big ideas in the pipeline, it’ll be updated soon once we’ve got photos and products uploaded so keep your eyes peeled.

    Jess x

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    Next week I’ll be taking a little break, so no bakes will be sent out. If you’d like some bakes before then, please make sure to order any regular boxes by Wednesday midnight