A look inside April’s cake subscription box

April’s cake subscription boxes have been making their way out this week all across the country. With lots of new gift subscription boxes going out for Mother’s Day, it was another busy month and I loved baking them all up.

It’s always a bit of a military operation to bake up and package so many bakes. Each month seems to get easier and more seamless as I learn how to work best. To go from such a small amount of boxes to such a large amount in a short space of time is so amazing and I’m so humbled – but it isn’t without it’s stresses at times!

Friday was spent getting all the admin done; address labels, labels for bakes and invoices all sorted. Gift notes done, gift certificates printed and end of subscription box notes ready. There’s the little note to add into the box and making sure that everything is in order ready to make packing easier.

Then it’s onto the baking, in total I baked up over 35kg worth of bakes (all by hand!). Then to leave them to cool ready to package up. My lovely husband helps out with the putting the bakes into the boxes and packaging them up (he calls himself the packaging director for Little Bee Bakes!).

The Bakes

Chocolate Orange Brownies

Chocolate Orange Brownies have proved a firm favourite ever since they were in the subscription boxes last year. From then they’ve moved on to be a permanent fixture on the website – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be popped into the subscription boxes. I reckon they’re a timeless classic, and in my eyes there’s nothing that can beat that.

All-butter Shortbread

Ok so I’m aware shortbread isn’t cake – but the cake subscriptions have always featured a mixture of bakes. They haven’t been included in the boxes for a long time, and I felt it was time for them to shine again. They’re rich, buttery and so moreish – and so much better than any shop bought biscuits (if I say so myself!). I was a little anxious about including these, but have already had some really positive feedback and I’m so glad they went down well.

Mini Egg Blondies

Mini Egg Blondies are one of the Easter specials that won’t be around much longer. They’re so popular with those who’ve tried them and I wanted to pop them in the subscription boxes before the season is over. They’re sweet, fudgey and topped with everyone’s favourite mini eggs. I reckon twinned with the chocolate orange brownies and shortbread fingers they make a great selection.

If you were lucky to receive a box, I really hope you enjoyed it. I’d love to know what you thought and which were your favourites. I’m already busy thinking ahead to May’s cake subscription and hope they’ll be even more of you to enjoy the boxes.

If you love the sound of April’s cake subscription box but missed out on it, you can order it here up until 8th April.

Jess x

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Next week I’ll be taking a little break, so no bakes will be sent out. If you’d like some bakes before then, please make sure to order any regular boxes by Wednesday midnight