Easter Selection

Easter Selection Boxes

Easter is just a few weeks away now and it’s time for the Easter selection boxes to make a (re)appearance. I popped them up a few weeks ago for a limited time offer and people loved them – I promised they’d be back and now they are.

Easter Selection
Easter Selection

I reckon they do most of the explaining themselves, but here’s a little look at what’s inside the boxes. Each box contains 6 slices, with 2 of each different flavour. All the bakes are freshly hand-baked to order, ensuring they’re at their freshest when they land on your doorstep.

First up is the Mini Egg cookie – the most delicious but underappreciated of the Easter Bakes. I absolutely love these cookie slices, they’ve got crisp edges and a soft centre; they’re sweet and buttery and so moreish. Packed full of crushed mini eggs, they’re a real treat.

Then we have the creme egg brownie, the most popular of all the bakes My rich and fudgey chocolate brownie baked with half a full size creme egg. When the brownie bakes the creme egg oozes into the batter and makes them extra indulgent.

Mini egg blondies
Mini egg blondies

Then we have the mini egg blondie. A rich and fudgey which chocolate blondie, with cakey edges and a squidgy centre. Topped with crushed mini eggs which make the sweetest of sweet treats.

Delivery Dates

The boxes are up for pre-order now. The first batch will be going out next week and with options to choose week commencing the 1st, 8th and 15th April you can choose whether you want them as soon as possible or to hold on ’til closer to Easter.

If you want to order for Easter delivery, the latest the boxes will be going out will be Tuesday 16th April. What with Good Friday being a bank holiday I don’t want to chance bakes not arriving in time. They will stay fresh if you want them for Easter weekend, and if you want them as good as the day they’re baked you can pop them in the freezer and get them out when you want them. That goes for those of you who have given up chocolate for lent – you can buy them, resist the willpower and freeze them ready to enjoy!

They’d make the perfect alternative to an Easter Egg as a bit of a different gift, but let’s face it they’re just a great thing to treat yourself too! The hardest part is deciding which to eat first (or save til last!)

Jess x

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