A look inside March’s Brownie Subscription Box

The first ever brownie subscription boxes made their way out last week. Brownies and blondies have secured top spot of things I love to bake and these were no different. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing shiny batter in the tins and the smell of them as you open the oven door. I really hope that everyone enjoyed their bakes as much as I enjoyed baking them up.

The Brownie

Mint Chocolate Brownie

March’s brownie flavour was the mint chocolate brownie. I included these brownies in a selection box at Christmas and they were so well received. Mint and chocolate are one of those classic flavour combination and these brownies are like the most indulgent after dinner mint you’ve ever had. They’re flavoured with peppermint extract and topped with minty matchmakers. The added mint takes them up a notch from your usual chocolate brownie and the smell is just incredible.

The Blondie

Nutella Blondie

March’s blondie flavour was the Nutella Blondie. I set some extras aside as a treat for myself, thinking I’d have them all as my husband doesn’t like Nutella. Apparently he does when they’re swirled through a blondie so I had to share! These blondies are swirled with a generous amount of Nutella, they’re sweet and fudgey and so moreish. They went down an absolute treat in this month’s boxes. I’m not the biggest fan of blondies but this one wins me round every time and they’re up there with one of my ultimate favourites now.

How the boxes work

Each month’s box will feature rich and indulgent flavours which aren’t available to buy in the shop. I’ve got so many lovely flavours planned, including ones with favourite chocolate bars, swirled with different sauces and unique flavour combinations. Each month is a surprise box so you won’t know what exactly what you’re getting through the door but it’ll be yummy! If you can’t wait and want to know what will be in the box, you can find out on the one-off brownie subscription box page.

There are various different ways to pay for a box, with the option of a rolling payment a block payment or a one-off box. You can find out more about the brownie subscriptions in this blog here.

I’m really looking forward to baking up the next lot of boxes as they’re a real treat.

Jess x

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