Subscription Boxes

Cake subscription boxes and brownie subscription boxes are some of the most popular products at Little Bee Bakes. They’re a chance to try a different selection of bakes each month, with exclusive bakes included.

I absolutely love creating new bakes and treats for the subscription boxes. The cake subscription has gone from strength to strength over the past year, with so many people enjoy box after box of freshly baked goodies each month.

Types of subscription box

Cake Subscription

Each month’s cake subscription is a selection of 3 different types of bake, with 2 slices of each. They’re a real treat for those who love lots of different types of cake and bake including flapjacks, cookies, brownies, blondies and more. Each month’s box is a surprise and I know a lot of people love opening their boxes to see what’s inside. Each month’s box starts from £12.50 a month, with the option to sign up to a rolling subscription, or buy a block of months.

Brownie Subscription

The brownie subscription is the a chance for chocolate lovers to receive box after box of chocolatey bakes. Each month’s box includes 3 blondies and 3 brownies with one rich and indulgent flavour of each. Each monthly box costs £14 and you can choose to signup to a rolling subscription, or order a block of months.

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